A Better Way Wholesale Autos Reveals 21st Century Strategy

The used car industry in the United States has greatly increased over the last few years, and a few corporate players with financial backing from Wall Street have set their sights on this industry sector. Sales of new passenger cars and light trucks in the U.S. have been lagging since around 2008, and car buyers are increasingly setting their sights on used vehicles. A Better Way Wholesale Auto in Naugatuck is Connecticut's highest volume auto dealership, and its specialty is pre-owned vehicles.

How can a single used car dealership established in the late 20th century rise to the top of all vehicle sales in Connecticut with just 100 employees? A Better Way Wholesale Auto has leveraged a few factors crucial to the success of its business model, and it comes to pricing. In theory, any used car dealership should be able to offer attractive pricing options to its prospective buyers, but to be able to consistently do so while remaining profitable takes a certain strategy.

Selling Used Vehicles in the 21st Century

According to automobile registration records from the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles, A Better Way Auto enjoys the greatest volume of car sales in the Constitution State. This is a major feat in a very segmented industry that has recently attracted a lot of competition from national chains that have support from Wall Street investment banking firms. There is a major reason for these firms to jump into the used car industry at this time, which is the growing consumer preference for pre-owned vehicles.

According to Alan Pisarski, a transportation scholar who is the author of the Commuting in America book series, the used automobile industry in the U.S. is booming thanks to the increased longevity of vehicles these days. Drivers know that they can find nine-year old cars in great condition; all they need is a reasonable acquisition cost and a promise of quality. Mr. Pisarski himself drives a vehicle that is fourteen years old.

Low Pricing Thanks to Volume and Good Reputation

Given the preference for used vehicles in the last few years, A Better Way Wholesale Auto is clearly in a good industry. To rise above the competition and sell almost 6 percent of all auto sales in Connecticut, A Better Way Auto draws strength from a very large inventory and pricing. The experience of shopping for used vehicles is different from that of new cars; it requires offering greater choice to customers. A Better Way Auto has the ability to corner the market in this regard with the right acquisition strategy.

Institutions that provide auto financing are the greatest source of used vehicles in the United States, and they tend to warm up to buyers like A Better Way Wholesale Auto that are able to purchase their inventory in a single transaction. A Better Way Auto gets better pricing this way, and the savings are passed on to the customers. In some cases, the savings are in the thousands. A Better Way Wholesale Auto cultivates key relationships with financial institutions to keep up a great reputation of low pricing options. It's a sure-fire way to do business.     Read more about A Better Way Wholesale Autos Reveals 21st Century Strategy